How to Market to a Niche and Why That’s Important

The fitness industry is booming and with the abundance of new studios and new genres, opening and marketing a business nowadays isn’t necessarily like it was ten years ago where chances are all you had to do was open your doors and people would come.  There was a time we had when having many offerings and being a Jack of all trades was okay, but now, any product you offer where it is not in your wheelhouse, chances are someone else is doing it better. The world has changed and it keeps changing.  As more and more companies offer online fitness with great experiences, brick and mortar fitness businesses have to hone in on their target market, their product offerings, and excel.  Failing to do so now, will set you up to fall behind in the coming years. 

This is where Niche marketing comes in.

First, let’s define what a niche is. A niche is a group of people looking for specific products. And so, niche marketing refers to an advertising strategy that focuses on a unique target market. Your goal in niche business is to be a master of something; not to be a jack of all trades, master of none.  You want to master the experience and product you offer, and do it better than anyone else.

So, how do you market to a niche? Let’s go through these important things you need to know and do.

Know Your Target Niche Market

There are various things that people need in day-to-day life, and one of them is community, it is a basic human necessity.  People look for experiences and interactions with like minded people.  The focus of your product should be to reward people for choosing you by offering the best product you can.  If you have too broad of a target base, and too many offerings, the quality of the products you excel at may be diluted.  There is truth to addition by subtraction. Invest in the areas where excellence occurs and remove offerings which are not highly profitable that you keep just to have.  Focus on your key audience for everything, communicate with them, and show them you understand their needs and can address them. Develop a deeper understanding of your exact target markets and don’t  lose them, and instead of focusing on having more target markets.

Choose Advertising Platforms Wisely

Though social media platforms (Facebook, Instagram, etc.) are popular and commonly used nowadays, it doesn’t mean that this always is the best place to start targeting your niche market. Many of these social media platforms are filled with bots as well as your competition.  Use them to see what your competition is doing, and get some exposure, but think outside the box, and ways other than online, to target your audience. 

If you do choose a social media avenue, one way to gain exposure would be to have your product or service as a Facebook or Instagram ad. This is a way to target your market audience specifically, potentially get noticed more by the exact demographic you are hoping to attract, and gain the trust and brand recognition from them.  In the social media world, with so much noise, unless you have big money to invest, It’s important to start small and gradually acquire your target market rather than spending lots of money on every platform.

Use Offline Marketing

We might be living in a modern world but you have to know that nothing beats the good-old-fashioned marketing strategy. This is one of the best (and potentially the best) ways to market to a niche. After all, there is so much noise on social media, and it is tough to stand out, so offline marketing may help you stand out, especially for brick and mortar businesses. The US Postal Service Every Day Direct Mail is a very good way to market to a niche market.  Remember that it’s important to try a variety of marketing strategies, especially the traditional marketing strategy (direct sales, direct mail, print advertising, referral, radio, and television).

Be specific. Start small. Create opportunities. That’s the key to niche marketing.