Why Having a Mentor/Coach is Vital

Starting a new business is a risky endeavor, with great potential for failure, even with passion, a solid business plan and start up capital. 

Every business owner starts in the same place. Of every business that starts, most wind up unsuccessful.  What sets the businesses that succeeded apart from those that didn’t?  Both started at the same place.  What sets the successes apart?

Both groups took the risk.  Both groups were willing to fail. Both groups at points suffered failures.  It is the lessons learned from these failures, and changes made because of so, that helps businesses build resiliency. Regardless of where one starts, failures will occur, problems not accounted for will come up, and the potential for failing in the end is always present. Learning from all the small failures and using these to help guide you in your business decisions is a key step to being successful.   

It takes more than just passion and motivation to become a successful businessperson.  It takes knowledge, grit and recognition of one’s own limitations, and acknowledgement that ego could be the enemy.  

Small failures potentially lead to bigger failures, unless navigated correctly.  Unbiased advice helps turn failures into successes.  Decision making without emotions helps make decisions that are best for your business.  Regardless if you feel like you have a solid grasp on your business, and especially if you feel like you don’t, the best thing a business owner can do is acquiring a mentor or coach. They are detached from your business and can guide and offer advice without the emotional attachment a business owner has.

Even the most successful business people need a mentor or coach.  Even the most successful business people have mentors or coaches. 

Whether you are a newbie or a veteran business owner, it is important to know that getting a mentor/coach is vital to growing your business. Why is having a mentor/coach vital to growing your business?

First, they recognize and understand.

They recognize all your pain, how you strive for success, and all the hours you put in.  They understand the sleepless nights with worries, and all other things that frustrate you and enhance your stress. They recognize all your hard work, and all you are doing to be successful.  

Then, they guide.

Mentors/Coaches guide you throughout your journey. They will help you understand and see the things you are doing right, doing wrong and how you can make both even better. They will guide you when things are going well, or not so well.  They will be there when you feel like there’s no one else to talk to, or understands your frustrations, and be the emotional support you need at that moment and help you develop a plan to overcome how you are feeling.  

Getting a mentor/coach could be an expense you are unwilling to take on, especially as a new business, however, the value of having an experienced mentor/coach who has been there, and can prevent you from making mistakes is priceless.   

Can you do it by yourself? Maybe.  But what is the cost if you don’t?  

Mentors/Coaches have gone through many of the things a business owner experiences, or will be experiencing at some point, and is a vital piece to properly growing your business.  My first business coach, Jamie Gallagher summed it up perfectly.  “If our clients need us to help them, we also need someone to help us.”