How to Hire Help Through VAs

Have you ever tried waking up without worrying about work? Have you tried letting other people do the work for you? If your answer is no, you are missing one of the best strategies for growing your business.

Keeping an eye to keep your business on track is a good thing, especially when you are handling it firsthand.

But one thing you are probably missing is the more important thing when running a business.

That is, you cannot do things on your own.

It’s good to lead your staff, taking profits and accounting in mind, and growing your business in the shortest time possible.

However, the more hands-on you are to your business, the more time you are spending on work and the more stress you get in handling various work.

Keeping your business on track by yourself consumes all your time. Why not let the staff work for you? Give them the right tasks they should be handling.

Not only doing every little thing and doing all the mundane tasks will give you a lot of stress, but also your time for yourself, for your family and friends is all used up by work.

Successful businessmen have gone through the same thing. They thrived so hard to keep their business on track. But the thing that made them successful is the fact that they know how important staffs are. And that’s when the importance of VAs come into the business.

What is a VA?

A Virtual Assistant (abbreviated as VA) is an individual who provides various services for businesses or entrepreneurs from a remote place. Rather than employees, virtual assistants are independent contractors. Aside from the VA fees, the clients don’t have to worry about employee-related taxes and insurance or benefits. They are also not responsible for providing extra office space and equipment or supplies for the VAs.

What can VAs do?

Virtual Assistants can almost do ANYTHING!

They work on various tasks such as administrative work, technical tasks, social media marketing, content creation, managing finances, and many more!

VAs do various things depending on what you needed the most. You can also hire ones who specialize in a certain field.

Where to hire VAs?

Considering hiring a VA? Great! They will be a great asset to you and your business!

Finding a good virtual assistant is an easy task. And unfortunately, it’s also easy to find a bad one. You’ll never know if they’re good or a bad one until you let them work for you.

There are various places to choose from when hiring a VA. In one click or two, you can already see them and hire them.

There are very reliable websites to get your VA such as Upwork and Fiverr. These are just some of the websites that contain various VAs from all over the world!

Do you work in the fitness industry? I highly recommend trying VAsForGyms.

VAsForGyms has helped many gym owners in running their businesses. Their VAs are highly-equipped professionals that get the work done in the highest quality possible they can give.

They start from making SOPs up to working on the mundane and technical tasks that daunt you every day. They literally provide an overwhelming list of services for you to choose from!

How to hire a VA?

Hiring VAs depends on what type of work you need them to do. Hiring them can be very exhausting if you’re looking for the perfect VA for you. But, it can also be very fulfilling once you got them taking all the mundane and technical tasks off of your shoulder.

Here are some steps for you to hiring the perfect VA.

1. Document the tasks you want to outsource – make a list of all the tasks and processes that your VA will do once you hire them.

  • A list of tasks and processes for a General VA – i.e. email management, creating basic reports, setting up and managing, and updating Social Media Accounts; and
  • Outcomes to accomplish for the Specialized VA.

2. Create a job description – Remember that your job description should include:

  • Background information about your business (your industry, what you sell, and who your clients/customers are)
  • Level of education, experience, and/or skills required
  • Duties and responsibilities
  • Apps, tools, or software they will be using

3. Post your job – you can post the job to various websites. You can also use the websites aforementioned above. Remember that the post should include the email where they’ll submit their application.

4. Interview – this can be very exhausting. To avoid so much stress with the wide range of applicants, you can just choose the best candidates to interview so you can narrow down the list.

5. Offer and sign the contract – Remember that VAs rates vary depending on their experience level, location, and how long you plan them to work for you. Make an offer and once both parties agreed, have the VA sign the contract.


Many businessmen have used VAs skills to grow their business. So, why not do the same?

Don’t have a budget? It’s alright. You don’t have to hurry and hire one the moment you start your business. But consider hiring one when you are already capable of having one.

VAs are essential in growing one’s business. They literally take away the worries that you’ve been having for the past days, months, or worse, years. They take away about 70% to 80% of the tasks you’re doing by yourself.

Having VAs in your work will definitely lessen the time you’re spending on work.

That way, you can prioritize the things you are supposed to be doing, including delegating the right tasks for your staff and spending time with your family and for yourself!