Top 5 Hacks for Facebook Ads

Top 5 Hacks for Facebook Ads

Facebook ads are one way to market and grow your business.

Having a hard time improving your ads? We’ve got your back! These hacks are to make things easier for you and your business!  Listed are five insane shortcuts among the various hacks you can copy in giving a great effect in your campaign.

Learn and try these hacks for better and improved Facebook ads!

1. Create a magnetic headline

Do you know how a headline affects people?

A great headline catches people’s attention whether it’d be for news, newspapers, magazine, etc. The greater it is, the more people will share, like, and comment on it without even reading the context. How?

A study showed that 70% of Facebook users never read more than the headline of science stories. The moment they read the headline, they immediately share, like, and comment on that post.

A great headline powerfully attracts the audience. So, remember to create a magnetic headline to draw your audience’s attention.

Don’t know how to write a powerful headline? You can refer here for writing a great Facebook ad headline.

2. Grab the Audience Using the Art of FOMO and Urgency

Have you experienced buying something but it sold out right after the person in front of you? Buying tickets for a VIP seat is one of the best examples. What would you feel if you ALMOST got the thing you wanted but it ran out when you’re already the next person in line? You would be riddled with a ton of what ifs!

Many of us have this sense of urgency where we feel that if we don’t do things early, then, later on, there’s nothing going to be left for us, FOMO- fear of missing out. FOMO is one of the best strategies in marketing when put into good use. To put it to good use, you can:

-make a Facebook ad with a limited-time offer. That will put people’s interest in it because no one wants to miss out on a great offer!

-create a Facebook ad where people will feel that everyone is already using your product/service and they’re the only ones that don’t use it yet.

3. Run Facebook Messenger Ads

If you already have Facebook ads that perform well, might as well take your marketing strategy to the next level!

Most people who have Facebook have Facebook Messenger. And the ads which you are already using, can be set up here!

People who click on your ad are ready to start a conversation. Once the conversation is started, you can get additional details and allow them to see more of your services/products.

Also, you will be automatically added to their Messenger contacts as they are on your list. If they don’t show interest at first, you can make use of this for later.

Automated bots make the magic work! ManyChat is one of the bots widely used by various marketers.

The bot makes it easier to interact with people. It can collect data on the customer, and help customers be directed to the best offer or landing page.

4. Research your Competitors

How do your competitors perform their ads? Are they great? Better than yours?

To know the answers to these questions, use the Facebook Ads Library.

Facebook Ads Library contains a collection of various ads running all over Facebook. Most people new and inexperienced to Facebook ads, whom start from scratch fail with their first few ads because they and have no idea what works.

Are you one of them currently? Don’t be!

Facebook Ads Library can help you see what works for your industry and your target audience.

Remember to find and take note of all the creativity in your competitor’s ads. The longer an ad has run, the better it has worked!

Don’t reinvent the wheel, utilize their creativity, and make it your own and recreate your ads!

5. Target Unrelated Interests

If you’ve never heard about Larry Kim, the MobileMonkey CEO and Inc. columnist, who coined the concept “inverted unicorn ad hack”, then you should read this to get a quick primer about this hack.

This hack sounds ridiculous because you are going to combine totally unrelated targeting attributes. But if you are up for growth, then you may be willing to try this.

This strategy says for you to get people’s attention, target two unrelated interests in one ad. These ads, for the niche you are targeting, may make boring ads interesting by simultaneously appealing to various interests the customer may have.

Another thing about this strategy is it cuts down huge audiences and allows you to focus budget money on a smaller audience.

“If you’re selling like, I don’t know, like office stationery or something that’s really boring, you could actually make it interesting. Of course, the strategy is really valuable for cutting down large audiences. If your budget is small in comparison to the size of your audience then just you need to cut down that audience size, use inverted unicorn.” – Larry Kim, MobileMonkey CEO

So using the stationary example, pairing stationary marketing with a trending pop culture item, would take a boring marketing product and make it more enticing due to pop culture aspect!

Let us know your favorite Facebook Marketing Hack!