Three Keys To Success with Judah Boulet

Most of the time, as we get older and are exposed to new paths and environments, our aspirations and goals in life change. Recently I was on the Shut up and Grind Podcast with Robert Foster. In the episode, I talk about how I had dreamt of being a doctor when I was younger, and how my life evolved where I am now a business owner, a father, coach and a lifelong learner. I have always been in a job that serves others. 

How does one manage to succeed in whatever field of work you are in? Let’s have a look at his three success secrets!

1. Being Prepared Puts You in the Position to Succeed

People frequently just go with the flow of events in their lives; they rarely plan for the future. Preparation is the readiness for a future occurrence; it may help you manage difficulties much more smoothly and efficiently since you already have alternatives on hand and ready to utilize. 

2. It’s Okay to Make Mistakes as Long as You Grasp the Mistakes

Making mistakes is inevitable, and it is out of our control. Some people are afraid to fail and make mistakes, but with these things we evolve and we grow as a better person. As long as you can learn from it and could do something even better, it is about exploring and trying to make improvements. 

3. Focus on the Things that You Can Control

When we dwell on what we cannot control, it is easy to become trapped in a rut. It often diverts our attention and energy away from what we can control and which we can make a difference. We can control our input but we can’t control the outcome.


Book: Ego is the Enemy by Ryan Holiday