Three Keys to Success with Paul Austad

In this episode, Paul Austad of Nela Athletics, an actor, gym and production company owner, with an online coaching business and other startup businesses, shares his story of coming up with new ideas and putting them into reality, while still managing all of his other commitments. 

Here are the three important keys that help him succeed in his field:

1. Show Up Every Day

Make a commitment to follow through every day. Build connections, hone your skills, and pursue goals with tangible steps. Paul recommends planning out what you want to prioritize each day and writing out your plan.

2. Be Authentic

Be the same person everywhere you go, and let your personality shine through in your interactions. Hold to your morals and values, even as you allow yourself to embrace healthy opportunities for growth.

3. Love Unconditionally

Treat others with kindness and respect, even if they don’t initially show you the same. Eventually, people will mirror the goodness you offer them. Paul extends this principle to the rest of the world around him as well, as he tries to increase his businesses’ environmental sustainability.