Three Keys to Success with Lee Taft

In this episode, Lee Taft, a Sports Performance Guru and one of the country’s most prominent speed instructors, gives his thoughts on the obstacles that many sports and fitness organizations face, as well as some pointers to making gym owners more successful.

1. Always be open to learn

As human beings, we sometimes have an inclination to think and appear as if we know everything. However, one key to success is don’t ever think that you’ve got it all figured out, because all of us are lifelong learners — we don’t stop learning. Hence, it is a component of our personal and professional growth in order to avoid stagnation and attain our full potential.

2. Daily Habits

We are all aware that habits are an important factor in achieving success. Starting with little habits and following through on them rigorously helps us to focus on major things, and a single decision is easy to dismiss. Habit is a compound interest of self improvement, as James Clear stated in his book Atomic Habits.  Hence, practicing daily good habits will lead to the desired and planned outcome.

3. Say NO to the goods, say YES to the best

Most of us can certainly agree that we carelessly say yes to everything without thinking about the huge impact it may have on our life. We should learn to say no to things that we consider substandard or would not help us progress. As a result, say yes to the best, it means concentrating and optimizing your time, energy, and efforts on what is most important at the time which gives you more opportunities and will be able to grow.