Top 5 Simple SEO Hacks

 With the advancement of technology in our digital, fast-paced  world, businesses have to make sure that their online presence is strong. Moreover, they have to make sure that potential customers can actually find them online! 

Have you ever wondered how websites get to page one on Google or any other search engine? How come, when you browse for something, the order of sites vary?

The answer is Search Engine Optimization.

What is SEO and How does it Work?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the most effective strategy for growing an audience and marketing affiliate products. SEO bumps you up in the search engine rankings and gets more eyes on your website.

Here’s a list of 5 simple SEO hacks to climb the ranks of the Google results page:

1. Keyword Optimization

Keywords refer to any words or phrases that describe your website or page content. The right keywords help the right people find your site. What a user enters into a Google search box is considered a keyword or keyword phrase, so finding the right keywords should not be too strict. One can use keywords from the title of the page, in the URL or in the meta tags.

In other words, you must understand how these people search for the products, services, or information that you provide in order to make it easier for them to discover you.

Keyword development is one of the most crucial SEO factors to understand because this will either make or break your website’s rankings.

2. Google E-A-T Principle

It’s indisputable that Google is the major search engine being used. So, if we can understand what Google is looking for when they rank websites, we can cater our content to their principles.

E-A-T stands for Expertise, Authority, and Trust. These are the three important aspects that Google uses to provide search engine users the best experience possible and promote websites that are reliable. Remember that the E-A-T principle is NOT an algorithm but a concept in Google’s Search Quality Guidelines. Ask yourself: Does my website immediately communicate expertise? Do I establish credibility? What about my site shows users I am trustworthy?

3. Mobile Compatibility

In 2020, the number of unique mobile internet users was approximately 4.28 billion, meaning that more than 90% of the worldwide internet population uses a mobile device to access the internet. Since most people browse using their mobile phones, it is critical to check how effectively your website style changes and operates on mobile devices. Plus, Google actually requires sites it features to be “mobile friendly”.

4. Link Building & Backlinks

How many sites are linking to you? Content submission platforms, guest posts, online discussion forums, and influencers on social media need to be linking to your content. However it should be noted that quality matters over quantity. Create solid partnerships that will promote your business and get you the backlinks you need to move closer to page one of the search results. 

5. Engaging Content

Creating good quality content is really the most important aspect for your site to be optimized well, as it will keep users on your page longer and encourage sharing. 

When producing content, ensure that it is “long term,” concentrating on original and compelling information. Include “Share” buttons on your website, as well as social sharing icons and comment sections. As people share your work, it gains authority through link building and popularity.


Improving your ranking in Google and other search engines may not be that complex, but it does require some time and effort.  Regardless of where you are starting from, you have to be perseverant. When you envision your goals and take intentional actions to improve your search engine result placements on a regular basis, you will soon discover that you are precisely where you want to be – dominating the world’s greatest search engines.