My name is Judah Boulet, and I am the founder or No Risk Business Performance. 

This question has been instrumental the past ten years of my life and has been the focus of most interactions I have with people and businesses.  For over 10 years I owned and operated a business in the fitness industry, and did quite well.  During that time, I learned all aspects of running a successful business, took part in as many educational opportunities that I could, and hired business coaches and sought out mentors to teach me how to do things better. I even got my MBA, because I wanted to learn how to do it all!

Things changed with COVID.  While my business survived and thrived after all the lockdowns and issues with COVID, I realized not all businesses were set up like mine. During the initial months with COVID, I wanted to help all small businesses in RI, and got involved with small business advocacy, and became one of the initial members of the RI Small Business Coalition. I was enlightened that the struggles of a small business owner, the things I faced in the day to day operations of my business, were shared by many.  When I got an offer I couldn’t refuse to sell, I jumped on it, with the goal to help more small business owners, as I truly believe they are the backbones of each and every community and the state economy. 

I became a mentor with SCORE RI, where I have mentored over 40 clients, and given workshops on website design, SEO and email marketing.  One thing which I consistently noticed with each and every small business owner I have talked to is that EVERYONE needs help as they do not have the time or know how to do it all.  They also do not have the money to hire employees or agencies. Everyone needed business management and operational support. Since I am a jack of all trades and can do everything “business” I realized that I have the skill set to help many small business owners achieve the success I did. My team and I are excited to help.  Just let us know how.