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Three Keys to Success with Lee Taft

In this episode, Lee Taft, a Sports Performance Guru and one of the country’s most prominent speed instructors, gives his thoughts on the obstacles that many sports and fitness organizations face, as well as some pointers to making gym owners more successful. 1. Always be open to learn As human beings, we sometimes have an […]

Three Keys to Success with Paul Austad

In this episode, Paul Austad of Nela Athletics, an actor, gym and production company owner, with an online coaching business and other startup businesses, shares his story of coming up with new ideas and putting them into reality, while still managing all of his other commitments.  Here are the three important keys that help him […]

The Pros and Cons of Profit First Accounting

Starting a business is a challenging endeavor and potentially terrifying if you don’t know where to start or how to start and many start by getting information by reading books or articles online for starting your business. There are many books on business, and business practices, however, very few on the topic of small business […]