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Three Keys to Success with Lee Taft

In this episode, Lee Taft, a Sports Performance Guru and one of the country’s most prominent speed instructors, gives his thoughts on the obstacles that many sports and fitness organizations face, as well as some pointers to making gym owners more successful. 1. Always be open to learn As human beings, we sometimes have an […]

Three Keys to Success with Paul Austad

In this episode, Paul Austad of Nela Athletics, an actor, gym and production company owner, with an online coaching business and other startup businesses, shares his story of coming up with new ideas and putting them into reality, while still managing all of his other commitments.  Here are the three important keys that help him […]

Three Keys to Success With Eric Williams

Having pain in marketing and leading your people? Eric Williams is the owner of 212 consulting, which is a marketing solution and leadership development consulting business. He has worked and helped a lot of small business owners and entrepreneurs. Let’s look into the three keys that turned him into a successful businessman! 1. Write a […]

Episode 7: Eric Williams, Clarifying Your Marketing Message.

Eric Williams is the owner of 212 consulting, marketing solutions and leadership development consulting business. In today’s episode, Eric lays down more knowledge and help for small business owners when it pertains to marketing than is imaginable in 35 minutes. This episode is a must-listen if you want to learn how to get your marketing […]

Episode 4: Robert Foster- Don’t Wish For It, Work For It.

Robert Foster is an astute business coach, entrepreneur, and motivational speaker. In today’s episode we talk about Robert’s history and all the challenges he faced and how he continued moving forward.  We delve into the importance of a positive mindset, where Robert learned to develop his, and how he has used that to make positive […]